General Features

Collaborative Software Project Portfolio Management Budget Management

Price management Resource Management Time Tracking

Costs Tracking Report and Analyses Time Line


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General Sales Manager
Sales Manager
General Project Manager
Project Manager
General Time Manager
Time Manager
Project Operator
Time Operator
  • Configuration Wizard
  • Project Wizard
  • Create users
  • Manage users
  • Manage users group
  • Create tasks
  • Manage tasks
  • Create Projects
  • Manage Projects
  • Create Milestones
  • Manage Milestones
  • Timeline
  • Dashboard
  • Cost Budgeting
  • Dynamic/Fixed Cost
  • Pricing
  • Dynamic/Fixed Price
  • Time-tracking
  • Time Progress report
  • Value Report
  • km-tracking
  • km Report
  • Costs-tracking
  • Cost Progress report
  • Project Status report
  • Margin/Mark-up Progress report
  • Notification center
  • Mail notification
  • Filters
  • Data Download (csv)

The Admin, the General Sales Manager, the General Project Manager,
the General Time Manager can manage all the Projects.

The Sales Manager, the Project Manager, the Time Manager, the Project Operator,
the Time Operator and the Customer can manage only the assigned Projects.